Homeschool Context and Treatment Strategies for OT's

Homeschool Context and Treatment Strategies for OT's

Homeschooling is growing! If you’re working in any form of pediatrics, you’re increasingly likely to provide services to homeschool families.
What does the course include?
You get lifetime access to this self-paced 4 module, 1.5 hour course covering:
1) The hows and whys of homeschooling
2) Types of homeschooling
3) Highlights of homeschooling research
4) Application to practice
BONUS of Group support: Course content is supported by a 1-hour zoom call on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8:00 pm (EST). Get questions answers and share ideas.

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If you’re like most OTs, you’re only familiar with traditional school models. But homeschool families have their own culture, systems and needs. So if your interventions are the same as when working with other children, you’re probably doing it a bit wrong. 

Some things to think about:

  • What types of routines are normal and functional for homeschoolers?

  • How do homeschool families support their kiddos with learning challenges or disabilities and how might OT support those efforts?

  • What are the best learning space setups for homeschooling? 

  • How do you support self-directed learning for a homeschool child with attention or executive function challenges?

  • How might distinct knowledge in homeschooling set me apart and help fill gaps in my current caseload?  

  • What are the do’s and don’ts when interviewing parents to form an occupational profile?

Instead of scrambling for information or guessing at answers, you need a shortcut to best practices and effective strategies. 

Hi! I’m Sarah Collins, OT and Founder of Collins Academy Therapy Services

As a homeschool mother myself, my family has experienced the benefits of homeschooling over the last 4 years. In addition, I started providing OT consulting services to other homeschooling families, giving me insight into what really works for this population.

Fast forward to 2020 when COVID-19 caused the number of homeschool families to triple. And with this change, the need for OT in the context of homeschool also quickly grew. But what hasn’t kept up is the availability of knowledge for OTs seeking resources to inform best practices

So, I’ve decided to fill this gap by creating my course, Homeschool Context and Treatment Strategies, featuring my most useful pieces of knowledge based on my 4 years as an OT consulting with homeschool families. 



Group support: Course content is supported by a 1-hour zoom call on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8:00 pm (EST). Get questions answers and share ideas with group support. 

Be a Preferred Provider: We are the recognized expert within the community as the first and only homeschool parent and occupational therapist consulting with families across the nation. Since I can’t provide direct OT services outside my state, I will be looking to refer to OT practitioners who understand homeschool interventions. I’d love to send new clients your way!

Be a Featured Expert: Collins Academy Therapy Services hosts monthly educational opportunities featuring OT speakers for homeschool families. Upon course completion, you’re eligible to be a speaker for these events – boosting your exposure and highlighting your expertise. 

Access to Our Facebook Group: Continue to be supported with business ideas, topic discussions, and treatment ideas with all course participants. 


Course Investment $45

Introductory pricing on this course closes on 10/17 (my 40th birthday). Be a part of my birthday gift to you and join the inaugural cohort. Grab your spot before the price increases.


Occupational Therapy as the Match for Homeschool Needs

There are many reasons that a family might decide to homeschool their child. One of the most compelling is the ability to provide an individualized school experience. So broad thinking OTs are uniquely suited to help families craft plans that achieve their vision for homeschool family life and address any needs for their specific child. 

Here are few of the exciting ways that occupational therapy can support homeschooling children. 

  • Providing OT interventions for specific skills

  • Consulting on environmental changes to promote learning

  • Addressing routine 

  • Exploring strategies to increase focus, attention, and regulation

And because you’re an awesome OT, you know that all of these strategies will be more effective when you provide them with a solid understanding of the homeschooling context. 

That’s where I come in. I’m the bridge between occupational therapy and homeschool communities. There simply aren’t many resources available to OTs on this topic – and everyone is scrambling to figure these things out. But you don’t need to be one of them. 

When you take my course, you’re going to learn the dos and don’ts of providing OT in the context of homeschool culture. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to expand the reach by developing your skills in this unique area of pediatric care. Whether you’re providing services via telehealth or in-person, this is knowledge you need.

Continuing Education

Upon completion of the course, you’ll be given a course certificate reflecting the hours you invested in learning. We are not accredited by AOTA but generally meets the requirements for renewal with NBCOT. Each participant is responsible for checking on whether this course meets criteria for continuing education in their state. 

Get the Homeschool Knowledge You Need as an OT

The choice is yours. You can either let your unfamiliarity with homeschooling continue to hold you back from providing effective interventions.


You can join the Homeschool Context and Treatment Strategies course where you learn the foundational concepts of homeschooling to use your OT skills to support families educating from home. 

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