• Resume

    Sarah Collins MSOT OTR/L


    • Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, Medical College of Virginia, 2008

    • Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Administration, York College of Pennsylvania, 2001


    Work Experience

    • Children's Hospital, Richmond, VA, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, 2002-2006

    • Kennedy Krieger Institute,Baltimore, MD, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, 2008-2011

    • University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, MD, Home Health Occupational Therapist, 2011-2016

    • Collins Academy Therapy Services, Phoenixville, PA, Homeschool Occupational Therapy Consultant, 2019-present

    Homeschool Experience
    • Classical Conversations- Foundations Tutor, 2016-2018
    • Classical Conversations- Essentials Tutor, 2018
    • Charlotte Mason Co-op- Co-coordinator and Instructor,  2019
    • Educator in home for 3 children over 7 year age gap, 2016- current
    Speaking Experience
    • National Institute of Recreation Inclusion- Assistive Technology to Impact Recreation, Palm Springs, CA, 2004
    • National Institute of Recreation Inclusion- Low tech Solutions to Promote Inclusion, Austin, TX, 2005
    • Children's Hospital Assistive Technology Symposium, Increasing Functional Programming Using Assistive Technology, Richmond, VA, 2006
    • American Occupational Therapy Association poster presentation, Recreation Inclusion in a Camp Setting, Philadelphia, PA, 2011
    • Traumatic Brain Injury Symposium, Recreation Inclusion in a Camp Setting, Baltimore, MD, 2012
    • University of Maryland Physician Grand Rounds, Occupational Therapy Impact on Patient Outcomes, 2014
    • The Science and Art of Narration: Why and How we Comprehend our Living Books, Phoenixville, PA, 2019
    • The Impact of Prewriting Skills for Greater Learning, SPED Homeschoolers online webinar, 2020
  • Reviews

    Aneesah B.

    I am a homeschool mother of 8 currently homeschooling 6 children from Pre-K to 5th grade. Collins Therapy Services was helpful in walking me through a REAL life scenario, and highlighting the BEST way to manage my school day, while meeting the needs of all my children, especially my daughter with special needs. Sarah asked great questions, was kind and patient, and put together a plan of action for our entire family. It was beneficial to see a daily routine laid out on paper, with suggested tools to help keep me sane😉, and to keep the kids on task. I would certainly recommend Collins Therapy Services.

    Christy R.

    Sarah gave my son a wonderful and thorough evaluation and made great recommendations that helped us right away. This service is so convenient and I am very thankful. I can’t recommend this enough!

    Marni L.

    Sarah has been an absolute joy to work with. Not only is she knowledgeable about my son’s non integrated primitive reflexes but all the ways that this impacted his learning, our homeschool and his emotional regulation (which of course impacted our whole family). Sarah provided testing, bi weekly consultations and therapy exercises to help my son integrate his reflexes. She also provided so many valuable resources for the other related issues that he struggled with like anxiety, delayed executive functions and negative self talk.

    Sarah understands the homeschool lifestyle as a homeschooler herself. She helped me to make a plan that allowed my son to succeed not only in learning but also in life skills. She recommended curriculum, regulation strategies, brain breaks, books and podcasts for my continued learning, and strategies to create a positive learning environment in our home.

    I learned so much and felt so equipped to help my son. Sarah is a fantastic support for families.

    I’m so grateful for Sarah’s constant encouragement and support during a time of difficulty as well. She helped transform my son from a struggling learner into a successful and happy child. In just five months my son made such incredible progress. He has integrated his reflexes, we have tools in our tool belt to continue his progress with delayed executive function and the best part, my son is confident, happy and his whole world just opened up. Sarah has provided more than occupational therapy, she was a lifeline and has given my son the future he was always meant to have. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Sarah is nothing short of a miracle for our family. I will always be so very grateful for how Sarah transformed my son and my family.

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