• Occupational Therapy Consulting for Homeschoolers

    Every family has an educational choice. Collins Academy Therapy Services provides resources, online education, and private consultations for homeschools and occupational therapists to come together in guiding children towards their specific purpose in life.

  • What We Do

    Any homeschool family can and should thrive. That doesn't mean that homeschooling is easy. In fact, sometimes it almost feels impossible. When a child has walked out of the room for the 15th time because he just can't focus; another child is crying over the number of math problems on a page; pencils have been thrown even though you, as the parent, have lovingly shown your child how to correctly hold the pencil everyday for the past month; you feel like you can never be enough for your children. Collins Academy Therapy services can help by combining a background in occupational therapy with experience as a homeschool mom.

    Specifically, we

    1. Make personalized recommendations for your homeschool day

    2. Provide the best resources for your specific needs

    3. Act as a sounding board for questions as both a homeschool mother and an occupational therapist

    The Top Questions people ask

    Why Us?

    • I feel like I can't teach my child, is this true?
    • How can we manage our homeschool day when my child gets overwhelmed?
    • How do I help my child with organizing and independence?
    • How can we work on handwriting with my young child?
    • How do we balance all of our children's needs during the day?
    • What equipment can help my child in our homeschool room?
    • Is my homeschool good enough for my child with special needs?
    • Are there any homeschool friendly occupational therapists in my area?  I do not want to be told to put my kid back in public school.

    5 ways we serve you

    A unique service ready to help you

    • Free- Follow weekly themes combining occupational therapy and homeschooling on Instagram and Facebook.
    • Free- Join the Facebook group for further discussion and education including weekly live conversations Thursday's at 10:30 am EST 
    • Free- Advocate for homeschooling by recommending the course "homeschool context and treatment strategies" to your occupational therapist
    • Cost- Schedule a personal homeschool consultation where we discuss your homeschool day followed by specific recommendations to address your personal needs
    • Cost- Book a class or public speaking event on Occupational Therapy and homeschooling 


    A consultant to work with your homeschool

    Collins Academy Therapy Services is licensed through the state of Pennsylvania. Collins Academy Therapy Services is not direct occupational therapy. Recommendations for direct Occupational Therapy may be warranted. Collins Academy Therapy Services does not diagnose. Implementation of recommendations is at the decision of the client and family.

  • The Process



    We will meet in-person or via conference call to discuss your child's specific needs and how your homeschool can best fit those needs.



    You will receive written recommendations based on our conversation to address your specific educational needs and how to best integrate EVERYONE in your day.



    We will continue to communicate to ensure that your family is successful in your homeschooling program!



    We can provide training to other providers in your child's care ie co-op instructors or other family members.

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