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Rest for the weary and nonweary

Balancing work, play, rest, and sleep

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Working as an occupational therapy consultant for homeschoolers means that I get the privilege of working with the entire family. This means mama's and papa's too! This in turn, means that I must ask about rest and sleep for everyone.

American's as a whole are bad at rest. We take pride in being busy; there is social stigma with being lazy, but none associated with being addicted to business. We pack our days so full to ensure that everyone can do and achieve all that they ask. However, this can absolutely be to our detriment. As a result, we have to be intentional about rest. So, as I begin to journey back into working, homeschooling, maintaining our house etc. I am purposefully planning rest. It may be ridiculous, but I'm even reading research about it and Biblical based books to continue to encourage myself. Here are a few of my favorites. (these are affiliate links)

Teaching From Rest- Sarah Mackenzie is one of my favorites. She has influenced our homeschool in so many ways. In this book, she gives experiential advice on how to schedule a day but also about a mother's intentional rest. It was the first book that I read as a homeschool mom and I still refer back to it!

Take the Day Off- This book is my current read. It speaks about having a Sabbath day every week. Sabbath is not when we are home so catching up on everything at home, but 100% focused on rest. As a family, we choose Sunday's because we go to church and then on our Sabbath Hike. But, I'm still distracted by mountains of laundry, email, preparation for next week etc. This book reminded me that the distraction simply can not happen. To be the best wife, mother, homeschool teacher, occupational therapist, etc., I must rest. Here's to 2020 goals!

Present Over Perfect - Shauna Niequest is the type of writer that is so wise that I must read her words over and over. I read this book in short excerpts across many weeks. My copy has so much highlighting, that I had to move to the kindle book so I'm not distracted. haha. It reminds me about the ability and need to say no, even to amazing opportunities.

I encourage you to read all of these books during your rest time. I encourage you to make rest an intentional habit in your life in order to better influence those around you!

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