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Movement throughout the day

Building movement in to learning

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Over the past decade, years, even months, research continues to come out about the impact of movement on focus and attention. Finland seems to be at the forefront of this as a demonstration model. Their school system has implemented a 15 minute break every hour since the 1960's. As homeschoolers, we can easily implement this into our schedules. Some of these breaks can be simply free time.

Free Time

Let them play cooperatively or alone to know their surroundings. Charlotte Mason says," Let them once get in touch with nature, and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight through life..."

Let them challenge themselves physically. Help them to know their bodies. These gross motor skills, specifically core strength and shoulder stability, impact the ability to type and write

Let them interact in groups to know cooperation, leadership skills, and conversational skills.

Therapeutic Breaks

Other breaks can be more therapeutically targeted. These movement breaks can help a child maintain the optimal level of alertness or to target specific motor skills ie crossing midline, visual scanning, or core stability needed to allow for fine motor skills later. Some ideas are:

1) having them build their own obstacle course using items you already have

2) invite them to use gross motor targeting toys: my favorites are (affiliate links)

Foam Blocks, balance boards, scooter boards, and zoom ball

3) Use Go Noodle app or 10 minute exercise videos via you tube for a quick 10 minute break

Extra Curricular Activities

More structured breaks can also have a direct impact on focus and attention with added gross motor benefits. Much research has been conducted specifically on martial arts and coordination. Some specific benefits are

1)a child can work at their own pace.

2)a child builds core strength impacting their stability and posture

3) natural participation with in a group setting

For more specific information on adding movement breaks into your own homeschool, please set up a direct consultation. Collins Academy Therapy Services is here to serve you!

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