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The most obvious statement made right now is,"times are uncertain." We are all inundated with information and most of our conversations center around Covid-19. I know there is crisis in families and I do not have the answers. But, I do have a way to influence a few and hopefully provide a positive memory of this time for some of our kids.

If there is one time a day that is more certain than others right now, its lunch. Parents trying to juggle working from home and educating their kids have a lunch break. The schools are doing their best to provide lunches for those that typically receive them at school. So, I want to introduce you to "Lit Lunch"

Though this picture is fancy, lit lunch is a very simple concept. You read/ listen to literature with candles at lunch. We typically rely on the library for our books but those are closed. So, here are some free sites for audio books that we have personally used. This is by far not an exhaustive list but only those we have previously used.

Free picture book sites are:

www.vooks.com- typically $4.99 a month, this is free reading of picture books for the month

www.openculture.com- This is celebrities reading picture books to kids

www.freechildrenstories.com- This also has books in Spanish

This was not my original idea. I read it from Elsie from www.farmhouseschoolhouse.com several years ago. However, it changed our homeschool day and can hopefully influence yours as well.

If you need help choosing books, please send me a message. I will help. Another option is Sarah Mackensie from www.readaloudrevival.com. She has long book lists of suggestions and even a book on the topic. She has also been a huge influencer in our homeschool. Her site lists the many many reasons to read to your children.

Again, I know these times are uncertain. I know there are a lot of problems and a lot of other things to consider. But, this is a really simple thing that can influence how our children remember their time in quarantine. If you do a lit lunch, I'd love if you took a picture and tagged @collinsacademytherapyservices on instagram. I'll be sharing them in my stories.

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