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Homeschool Summer School

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One of the many questions that I get as an occupational therapist consulting with homeschoolers is, "Does your summer look the same as your school year?" For us, it looks different and more relaxed yet we still subscribe to the Charlotte Mason philosophy that learning is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life. Therefore, summer is for learning differently! 

homeschool preschooler with picture books and US map to prepare for US geography .  Occupational therapist planned lesson

We use the summer to review from last year as well as introduce topics for the next year. It’s low key and typically learning from books or random “invitations” that I set out. Next year we are doing American History using Woke Homeschooling and geography with Classical Conversations To prepare, I would love to visit every state using an RV, but that’s just not in the plans. So, we are doing the next best thing and reading books about each state, and set in each state. We started with Maine. My boys picture rocky beaches, lighthouses, lobsters, green islands, and moose thanks to these amazing books.

homeschool student at theatre camp

Usually as homeschoolers, we aren’t buying lunch boxes and packing lunches to prepare for school, but wait until May in preparation for summer camp season. My kids are typically choosing 3-4 camps per summer to go with their interests. Obviously, this summer is different. But, my 11 year old hosting a 2 week socially distanced/ mostly outdoor summer theatre camp. My 4 and 9 year old boys are going to one week of farm camp. They are coming home everyday with new information about animals, stories of farm chores, and ideas for books to add to our library.

Homeschool students preparing for occupational therapy in camp setting

Some days I have planned lessons. Some days I have a generic idea in my head. Some days I have a destination. Every day, I give them time to themselves. These are the times where I see their imaginations grow; I watch their play incorporate things we have learned in the past; I hear about their hopes for the future.


“Wise and purposeful letting alone is the best part of education.” - Charlotte Mason

What does your homeschool summer school look like? For specific activity ideas, ways to target goals for your homeschool summer, or school preparation, contact Collins Academy Therapy Services. We combine Occupational Therapy and homeschooling to empower families for an outstanding education for every child.

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